Maggie Barrett ChildhoodI was born on the south coast of England on August 8th, 1946. Since then I have lived in London, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Millbrook, New Paltz, Woodstock, Pennsylvania, Mexico, Cape Cod, Manhattan, Provence and currently, Tuscany. Still with me? Good, let’s journey on.

I have been a secretary, housecleaner, door-to-door salesperson, waitress, teacher, dancer, back-up singer, continuity girl, radio host, composer, painter, hairdresser, therapist, and through it all I have been a writer.

I have been an alcoholic, cocaine addict and chain-smoker and am now clean and sober and smoke-free for 27 years. I have been married 5 times, divorced 4 times. I have a daughter, stepdaughter, stepson, 2 grandkids, a son-in-law, daughter-in-law and 1 mighty fine husband, #5.

I have lived in tents, trailers, rooms, apartments, houses and villas. I now live on a farm.

I have been on welfare twice and in my early 20’s enjoyed 2 residencies in a mental institution. Also in my 20’s I lost a daughter and found out I was adopted.

I dropped out of school at 15, ran away from home at 16, broke my neck at 44 and earned an MFA in Writing at 49.

I love to laugh, and I cry whenever I feel like it.

I meditate while gardening.

I am a solitude who needs occasional limelight.

I write to learn and I share my writing as a ray of hope.

I believe in the 50/50 nature of reality.