When I first read Maggie Barrett’s wonderful, thought-provoking novel it reminded me of The God of Carnage a brilliant play by Yasmina Reza in which two middle class families come together in a Parisian apartment to resolve an issue between their sons, a scenario that quickly descends into blame and recrimination. In From Dusk to Dawn, the polite and civilized exchanges of the six character trapped in an isolated inn during a storm soon begin to break down after they embark on a parlour game to pass the time. The concept of the parlour game requires the characters to search their hearts and souls for the single belief they hold most dear and defend it to the other characters. What emerges is an unravelling of the characters’ darkest secrets, a profound testing of their own beliefs and the catharthis that comes through questioning what we may have always taken as a given. But in addition to this, there is humour, sass, great dialogue and an edge-of-your-seat read. It’s a perfect bookclub read which will have members discussing into the wee hours…
Intelligent, thoughtful and brilliant. Read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down.
Lucy Bailey
Deeply impressed by Maggie’s book, I couldn’t stop reading, what an intelligent setup of characters and conversations. I had the feeling to be part of the group stuck there in the hotel and only put the book aside at moments to give myself a little rest out of “pure exhaustion”, a real intellectual thriller.

Turning the pages I kept thinking how Maggie lives inside each of the 6 characters to bring them to life and explore their strengths and weaknesses and secrets.

What a brilliant storyteller and novelist she is. I am glad that I can recommend “From Dusk to Dawn” as a “must read”!

Jutta B
From Dusk to Dawn is a gem of a book! The story swiftly builds layer upon layer, introducing characters so strong in their reality that at times I thought I was watching them in a film, or seeing them living in the moment on the stage. It’s a book rich in suspense and humor, intimacy and revelation, and full of provocative ideas. I came away from it asking myself some of the same questions the characters engage in, and I now find myself referring to the book’s premise when I’m with friends at dinner, or in social situations. It’s a great thought provoker! And I cannot say why, but I burst into tears at the ending.